Getting Down To Basics with Fulfillment

The Need for Order Fulfilment Companies

Most manufacturers are aware that producing a product is not the only step as they also need to undertake order fulfilment which is how the customers get these products. This is among the processes that have a direct impact on the level of customer satisfaction achieved. The process, like the name suggests, involves packaging and delivering customers’ orders. The ability to conduct business online has seen to it that some of these steps such as placing orders can be done online. This has allowed for all parties to be able to follow what is happening within the chain. large manufacturers prefer to outsource this process companies who offer intent fulfilment services so they can concentrate on manufacturing.

Before settling on the order fulfill company that they will outsource this function to, they should ascertain that it has the ability to handle its orders efficiently. Since order fulfillment has more optimized results if it is conducted via an online platform, one look for an order fulfilment company that has an e-commerce platform or that has the expertise to run an existing one. An E-commerce platform allows all parties concerned such as the customers and the manufacturing company to track the progress of the orders placed. One should also look if the order fulfilment company is able to communicate efficiently with them as well as the customers at this company will become a link between them.

The other aspect to look out for is the pricing of the company as this will have direct impact on the unit price the commodity. Different companies will have different pricing policies with some charging a price for each product being delivered while others will have a fixed monthly charge. The best company to choose is the one whose pricing policy has a small price increment depending on the nature of the goods. Another aspect that would really come in handy for the manufacturer is if this order fulfillment company offers storage as part of the price as this will help the company offset the costs that inventory attracts. This is because inventory attracts allot cost in handling and storage.

Since no system is immune to errors, a manufacturer should engage the order fulfillment compnay for them to explain how they handle errors when they do occur with the most preferred being companies that have a history of low error rates. This could either take the form of a customer cancelling an order or changing the address in which and an order will be delivered without the company’s notice. Should any errors occur, the company needs to have a troubleshooting system that allows them to know the orders with a problem that needs to be reviewed.

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Getting Down To Basics with Fulfillment